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Arts Village

The Arts Village

The Arts Village complements the wider arts component making up the 2016 Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. From fashion to written word to dance and drama, the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival takes an all-encompassing approach to exposing Saint Lucia’s rich and vibrant artistic talents. 

Nestled in the shady arbor of Massav Park at Choc, the Arts Village will be a three-day (May 2nd – 4th) open-access atelier where artists create, display, perform and engage, and where masters and novices connect.  In this intimate living space, creative hopefuls, visitors, and art enthusiasts will find a charming locale to network, mingle, find their muse, and collect some of the most sought after creative works available on island.

Contributing to the experience will be a gallery of collected works from the island’s Visual Artists of distinction.  The bold and soulful pieces also draw attention to the next generation of emerging talent and their contribution to the evolution of the art industry.  The Arts Village will be home to the ever popular Blu Session…Word in Altered Scale.  Through live performances that explore the nuance of language and phrase across a broad thematic spectrum, Spoken Word artists will tell their provoking stories. Theatre, Film and Photography also enjoy their billing on the last two days. 

Delivering on the legacy aims, The Arts Village will be offer an educational component for most of the art forms featured.  Through the program “Conversations”, artists will have access to savants from the entertainment industry to fully explore the issues relating to art as enterprise. One of the most exciting aspects is the “The Pallet Project” – a major recycling project involving the production of most of the Arts Village infrastructure, as well as a rustic line of furniture by wards of the Boys Training Center for boys at risk. This first foray into the art of transforming trash into functional art opens up a world of opportunity for the Center, not least of which is knowledge and skills transfer, and a viable avenue through which to be able capitalize some of the Center’s programs through thrift.

Arts Village Map