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Supporting Jazz events

In 1994 when the organizing committee of the first St Lucia Jazz decided that free daytime entertainment would be a nice touch, they never envisaged that these very events would have grown so much in popularity that they would seem even as rivals of the main festival in size and diversity.

In the early years, these activities were vastly limited to Castries; that is after a disastrous attempt at a straight ahead jazz concert in Soufrière. The local audience was having no part of acclaimed jazz pianist Terrence Blanchard not even for free. That jazz stuff was too esoteric. This led to a re-think of the free concert and village jazz idea and as the years went by the “Fringe” events now more fittingly referred to as Supporting Saint Lucia Jazz events were born.

“Jazz on the Square” at The Derek Walcott Square

A series of lunch time concerts with a festive atmosphere of music, food and merriment, Jazz on the Square has become synonymous with Saint Lucia Jazz. Located in the heart of Castries City at a picturesque square named for Derek Walcott, one of the island's Nobel Laureate (Literature 1993), A great place to make friends on a Pan-Caribbean basis.

“Jazz on the Pier” at Pointe Seraphine Duty Free Shopping Complex

Each Year St. Lucia’s biggest Duty Free shopping complex stages an extravagant event “Jazz on the Pier. The idea was to offer a soothing background accompaniment to the rigors, hustle and bustle of shopping. It was never expected to grow to such a magnitude and become such a critical element. The numerous shoppers are now joined by patron who came yes, for all that Jazz.

A major calling station for Cruise Ships, our Last Lap Jazz is definitely an unforgettable send-off hosted by the ultimate shopping experience in the Caribbean and the best in Jazz entertainment.

“Tea Time Jazz” La Place Carenage

St. Lucia's newest duty free shopping complex takes on a persona all of its own with Teatime Jazz. Coinciding with the main week of Jazz, Tea Time Jazz is an ideal follow-up to the ever popular Lunch Time Jazz on the Square. After the Square, why not take a short walk over to la Place Carenage to take in some more of the sweet sounds of jazz. And of course local tea and treats will be served!

“Fond D’Or Jazz” at Fond D’Or Heritage Park

Fond D’or offers a breathtaking view, the lush vegetation of the East Coast, the cool breeze of the Caribbean Sea and the soothing sounds of local jazz music. This is the perfect setting for a cool Jazz experience. Located in Mabouya Valley, Dennery, Fond D'Or Heritage Park offers a combination of the historic settlements of the Amerindians, a hiking trail, and a wide sandy beach and all that jazz. It’s indeed a perfect background, for an afternoon of music, fun, laughter and lots of surprises.

“Jazz in the South” at Rudy John Beach

“Jazz in the South” started out as a small community activity. It quickly distinguished itself through great planning, support and excellent artiste selection as one of the main actors in the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. “Jazz in the South” is an offspring of Labowi Promotions, established by a small group of people from the southern village of Laborie. The group’s main objective was to promote genuine community development through arts and culture, by bringing quality cultural performances to the south of Saint Lucia and by improving the skills and visibility of local artists and performers. Ultimately, their goal is to enhance social togetherness and harmony through cultural events and expression. Since its creation, this group has organised more than 200 events and activities, in music, education, dance, drama and visual arts. In recent years, the artistic dimension has evolved away from its mainstream and towards a musical style which is clearly afro-caribbean. The organisers are hopeful that a uniquely St. Lucian sound could evolve from this and take its place on centre stage in the Jazz world.

Digicel “Jazz on the Beach” at Reduit Beach

The youngest in the Saint Lucia Jazz event Family, Digicel’s Jazz on the beach grows in popularity year by year. On lovely yellow sand Reduit beach, impeccably placed on Rodney Bay and with a wonderful view of Pigeon, the home of Saint Lucia Jazz main stage, this event is quickly becoming a favourite of visitors and locals alike.

Soufriere Jazz

Soufriere Jazz has been touted by many as being the epitome of village jazz. Another Saint Lucia Jazz must do, Soufriere hosts a myriad of shows at various locations around the town. Jazz on the Waterfront, Sulphur Springs Jazz at the world renowned and only drive-in-Volcano and Jazz at Fond Gens Libre all adorn a delightful calendar that seeks to please any would be patron.

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