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Other Jazz Venues

St. Lucia Jazz has moved to further differentiate itself from the major festivals of the world with which it competes through the development several activities not hosted at the main stage venue. Those who have been fortunate enough to attend these most unique of Caribbean events will readily tell you that they form an essential part of the St. Lucia Jazz experience. They encompass a bouillon of music, arts and craft displays, fashion shows, culinary events and street theatre. The musical menu includes a variety of local and regional bands, plus a splattering of extra-regional musicians. Over the years the music has evolved away from the mainstream and towards a musical style which is clearly Afro-Caribbean. Past artists featured have included: Panazz Players and X-Tatik (Trinidad), Strings (Haiti), Maurice Gordon (Jamaica), Malcolm Jamal-Warner (United States).

Jazz on the Square

A series of lunch time concerts with a carnival atmosphere of music, food and merriment, Jazz On the Square has become synonymous with St. Lucia Jazz. Located in the heart of Castries City at a picturesque square named for Derek Walcott, one of the island's Nobel Laureate (Literature 1993). A great place to make friends on a Pan-Caribbean basis.

Teatime Jazz La Place Carenage

St. Lucia's newest duty free shopping complex takes on a persona all of its own with Teatime Jazz. Coinciding with the main week of Jazz, TeaTime Jazz is an ideal follow-up to the ever popular Lunch Time Jazz on the Square. After the Square, why not take a short walk over to la Place Carenage to take in some more of the sweet sounds of jazz. And of course local tea and treats will be served!

Fond D'Or Heritage Park

A breathtaking view, the lush vegetation of the East Coast, the cool breeze of the Caribbean Sea and the soothing sounds of local jazz music. This is the setting for the Fond' D'or Jazz experience located in Mabouya Valley, Dennery. Fond D'Or Heritage Park offers a combination of the historic settlements of the Amerindians, lush forest, a hiking trail and a wide sandy beach. The perfect background for an afternoon of music, fun, laughter and lots of surprises.

"Jazz on the Pier" Duty Free Pointe Seraphine

St. Lucia’s biggest Duty Free shopping complex will again this year stage the newest event for the numerous shoppers who flock the Complex during St. Lucia Jazz. Duty Free Pointe Seraphine is conveniently located within walking distance of the city of Castries.

Our Last Lap Jazz is also the perfect opportunity for persons leaving the island to stop by and enjoy the pulsating musical rhythms while shopping in comfort, for that memento from one of our world class shops.

An unforgettable send off, from the ultimate shopping experience in the Caribbean and the best in Jazz entertainment.

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