Carmen Lundy

She is the eldest of seven children and it seemed that she was destined to become a music sensation. Her mother, who was a lead singer in a gospel group, was her influencer and her father supported throughout her years while studying for a Musical Degree at the University of Miami. Many are impressed by her intelligence, articulation and dedication to her craft. Carmen is not only a singer but also a composer, pianist and an artist whose floral oil painting decorates the cover of her “Good Morning Kiss” CD.

At the tender age of 23, Carmen arrived in New York with the hope of pursuing her musical career. The road has been a long, rough and slow one and it seemed that there was no luck with the various recording companies. Nonetheless, she had the pleasure of working with and observing some of the greatest Jazz singers of all time. One such legend is Betty Carter whom she met through her brother, Curtis Lundy, a band player. Her singles have been featured with other artists’ albums such as Walter Bishop Jr. album, “Cubicle”. She performed in nightclubs and eventually she moved across the Atlantic where she traveled Europe performing in various jazz cafes. Her popularity is far greater abroad than at home. To date, Carmen has produced five sensational CDs begin with her successful “Good Morning Kiss” CD. The song “Good Morning Kiss” spent 23 weeks in third spot on the Billboard charts in 1986.

Carmen lives in Los Angeles, on Mt. Washington where the view of the lowlands continues to inspire her work. She is in constant demand both nationally and internationally. Despite her busy schedule, Carmen devotes herself to creating a jazz impact on today’s youth. She has lectured at various universities upon request. Carmen has proven herself to be a take-charge person who can manage a career such that her performances are known in all venues of the world.

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