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Randy Weston

Randy Weston is one of the world’s foremost pianists today, a true cultural ambassador, innovator and visionary. He has been performing for more than five decades and is no stranger to his class of music. He is a soloist and a dynamic leader of both small and large groups. His performance career has taken him to over forty countries throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas and Caribbean. Randy is also a prolific composer of many jazz classics including “Little Niles”, “Hi-fly” and “Berkshire Blues”.

He has performed in several major concerts including Summit of African Culture (1961), Montreux Jazz Festival (1974), Jazz a Vienne Festival (1998) among others. He was given the honor to play at “Portrait of Billie Holiday” (1985).

Randy was honored the New Star Pianist by Down Beat International Critics’ Poll in 1955, the first of his long line of honors and awards. He was awarded Composer of the Year Award in 1996 and 1999 by Down Beat Magazine. One of his most recent award is for Best Artist of the Month of June by B.E.T Television Washington D.C, USA. Weston has been particularly acclaim for his collaboration with The Gnawa, the Black Musicians of Morocco with whom he has worked with more than twenty years. He records and participates in international festivals with master Gnawa Musicians such as Abbdellah El Gourd of Tangier and M’Barek Ben Othman of Marrakech. Randy believes that all modern music, Jazz, Latin, Rock Calypso, Reggae, Blues and Hip Hop among others, are all in debt to the African rhythms.

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