Angie Stone

Angie Stone has been described by some as part of the new wave of neosoul singers like Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu who have been reshaping rhythm and blues. But Stone is quick to point out in her raspy, Southern drawl that she's not new to the music scene at all. If anything she thinks the Hills and the Badus have taken a cue from her long musical career.

The thirty something Stone was a member of two groups that flourished and sang back up for Lenny Kravitz.. Her work with Lenny Kravitz allowed her to flex her talents as a musician. Not only did she sing back up and audition other singers for him, she also played saxophone during his live dates.

She also helped a young singer Mary J. Blige develop into a star. Music has been part of her life ever since she was a child growing up in Columbia, S.C. Her mother sang around the house, while her father sang gospel and the blues at spots around town.

Angie Stone is a sista's sista. Look into her almond-shaped eyes and you know she shares your pain. Follow the coils of her Afro and you'll see where she's been and where you're going, and like R&B; most recent songstresses. Stone sings from a portal of innate wisdom that rides on the wings of a conscious spirit. Her debut set, Black Diamond, is an honest reflection of that.

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