Malcolm Jamal Warner

Born in Jersey city, New Jersey and raised in Los Angeles, Warner became interested in acting at the age of nine when his mother enrolled him in a drama class as an extra curricular activity. His ambition to act soon overshadowed his dream to play Professional Basketball. He graduated from the Professional Children’s High School with honors and moved on to the New York University Film School where he completed several short film projects.

At a mere age of 29, his accomplishments are a lifetime’s achievement for others. He starred as Theo Huxtable in comedy series “The Cosby Show”, starred in “Here & Now”, and HBO’s “Tyson” among others. As a seasoned director, he also directed episodes of “The Cosby Show”. “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, as well as music videos for MC Trouble and New Edition. He directed, produced and hosted the half hour tribute to “The Cosby Show” entitled “The Last Laugh: Memories of The Cosby Show”. The film festival circuit has critically acclaimed his short film “The Old Man”. The AIDS awareness video, “Timeout: The Truth about HIV, AIDS and You”, with Magic Johnson and Arsenio Hall, earned him the NAACP Key of Life Image Award. He made his feature film debut in 1994 as Wesley Snipes’ brother in “Drop Zone”.

Warner somehow manages to fit his love for Jazz Music into his full-time acting career. He plays the electric and upright bass with his new Jazz Funk Band, “Miles Long”. He is well known in Los Angeles’ Clubs for his Performance Poetry gigs which has made him a favorite in the fast-growing Spoken Circuit. The band released its debut album, “The Many Facets of Superman” which will be followed by a select city tour. Malcolm now joins Eddie Griffin in a business venture, proving once again his constant efforts to contain the impulsive behavior of his cohort.

Theo Huxtable: “The best thing Bill Cosby ever did for us was to tape that show in Brooklyn” says Malcolm-Jamal Warner. “We weren’t hanging around a studio lot. We didn’t eat in the commissary. We had to go out and have lunch in the neighborhood. New York is a harder place to live then L.A and I’m glad for the experience. “The street smarts have stayed with him. Encouraged by Cosby to develop his nascent musical talent, Warner, 29, who plays stand-up bass, now fronts the L.A. jazz-funk band Miles Long, whose first CD comes out this summer on Warner’s own label, the wonder Factory. “I’m no Charles Mingus, ”Warner says, referring to the jazz-bass legend. “But I make up for it in heart.” Cosby also encouraged Warner to direct and allowed him to helm a few episodes of The Cosby Show. “He did his homework,” says Marcy Carsey, the show’s executive producer. “We all wanted to help him get a start.” Warner became the director and costar of the UPN sitcom Malcolm & Eddie, which was recently canceled after four years. Regardless, says Malcolm & Eddie executive producer David Duclon, “ he’s going to be successful in all his endeavors. He has that positive, confident attitude. “Such an outlook can help get Warner through difficult times, like those he experienced when his former girlfriend, actress Michelle Thomas (who had a recurring role on Family Matters), died of a rare type of abdominal cancer in 1998 at age 30. Although the pair had ended their six year relationship in 1994, they remained friends, and Warner was at her bedside when she passed away. Warner, who lives in a sleek Studio City, Calif, house with his pit bull Mecca and rottweiler Makeba, remains unattached. “I just want to have a life right now,” he says. “Then I’ll think about getting married and having a family.”

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