Taj Mahal

Born in 1942, this musician’s career has spanned for nearly forty years. He is also a Hemp Advocate and has researched the subject thoroughly. This talented environmental conscious musician plays more than twenty instruments including the National Steel and Dorbo guitars. His style of music and performances reflect his deep understanding for African, Caribbean, Cajun and Latin musical traditions. Taj Mahal’s works reflect his views on environmental preservation and ecological sensibility. This master of blues sends out a strong message to all, “The Earth is Your Mama and You Better Love It”.

Taj Mahal first made his musical mark when he and Ry Cooder co-founded The Rising Sons, quickly leading to a contract responsible for his self-titled debut in 1968. To date, he has recorded 39 albums, earned six Grammy Nominations and one Grammy award for Best Contemporary Blues Album, “Senor Blues” (1997). Some of his works are featured as film soundtracks and he has made appearances in several motion pictures.

A resident for more than twelve years in Hawaii, he also produces music of Hawaii, which is what his 37th release, Scared Island is all about. The song, “The New Hula Blues” best captures his love of the island. Taj Mahal plays an average of 200 tour dates per year. The complex, prolific artist has thrived, survived and surely proved to all that practice makes perfect.

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