Jazz On The Square

Date Venue Artists Time Cost
Mon. May 7th Derek Walcott Square Emerson Nurse
Ziggy Walcott
12:00pm Free
Mon. May 7th Derek Walcott Square Quavers
Tracy Hamlin
7:00pm Free
Tue. May 8th Derek Walcott Square Harvey Millar
12:00pm Free
Tue. May 8th Derek Walcott Square Sally & KK
7:00pm Free
Wed. May 9th Derek Walcott Square Black Antz
Boo Hinkson
12:00pm Free
Thur. May 10th Derek Walcott Square Barbara Cadet
12:00pm Free
Fri. May 11th Derek Walcott Square Rob Taylor
12:00pm Free

For more of our exciting Jazz 2007 line-up, click here.

Rules of St. Lucia Jazz
Please note that the following rules are applicable to Pigeon Island National Landmark and the Mindoo Phillip Park.
  1. No breakable bottles are allowed at all St. Lucia Jazz venues. All drinks in breakable bottles must be transferred to plastic bottles. All coolers will be searched.

  2. Only coolers measuring 36" x 24" (3'x 2') or smaller will be permitted into the Pigeon Island National Landmark. Any cooler in excess of this size will not be permitted inside the grounds.

  3. All drinks with stoppers must be properly disposed.

  4. No smoking is allowed at the Pigeon Island National Landmark, except in the Benson & Hedges Smoking Area. Please note signage indicating area.

  5. No unauthorized filming is permitted at all St. Lucia Jazz venues.
Please be advised that the official Jazz 2007 line-up is not completed. This page will continue to be updated with newly announced performances.

2007 St. Lucia Tourist Board