Pigeon Island National Landmark

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Pigeon Island National Landmark Map

Pigeon Island - Home of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, Pigeon Island is one of the Caribbean's most historic landmarks and certainly one of the most beautiful spots in Saint Lucia. Connected to the mainland by a causeway and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Pigeon Island serves as the ideal venue for the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival main stage event dubbed "Amidst the Ruins". While its rich history dates back to the pre-Columbian times, Pigeon Island is most famous for its role in the 1782 Battle of the Saints. Patrons to this venue will want to explore its 44 acres of sloping grasslands, dry tropical forests, beaches and twin peaks, wandering around its landscape and taking hikes up to the Fort Rodney to see where the Atlantic Ocean joins the Caribbean Sea. Many entertainers have said that this is the most beautiful venue that they have ever performed at and many have returned.

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