Frequently Asked Questions

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1.   Where can I purchase tickets for Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival?
When tickets go on sale, you can purchase them at The Jazz Shop At Pointe Seraphine tel. 1-758-451-8566 and other locations to be announced.
2.   Does having a ticket ensure seating at a venue?
Tickets allow you entry into the venue, however seating is limited in keeping with the festival atmosphere.
3.   Can I purchase tickets at the gate and will it cost more?
Tickets can be purchased at the venues and will be sold at the same price.
4.   What is the cost of tickets for children?
Childrens admission for Saint Lucia Jazz Saturday and Sunday shows: US $20.00 or XCD $50.00 for ages between 6 and 12. Children ages 5 and under are free!
5.   How can I make hotel reservations in advance?
Hotel reservations can be made directly to the various hotels. A listing of the hotels is provided at
6.   Do you have any travel package information?
Packages for travel to Saint Lucia will become available. Please contact your local travel agent.
7.   What can I bring to St. Lucia Jazz?
For the outdoor performances held at Pigeon Island National Landmark, here is the official list of restrictions:

  • No Pets

  • No Beach or Pole Style Umbrellas

  • No Drinks in glass bottles
  • Blankets or ground cloths cannot exceed 6' x 8' in size

  • Personal Coolers cannot exceed 3' x 2'

  • Video and/or audio recording equipment is strictly prohibited

Please be advised that there will be NO RE ENTRY at the Pigeon Island Venues

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