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Soca has never been so cool! Combat boots, baggy attire, brightly colored bandanas adorning funky dreads and coloured ‘fros; krosfyah epitomizes coolness.  Combined with infectious melodies, high-energy performances and pulsating rhythms that speak a language only one’s hips comprehend, krosfyah has reinvented soca as we know it. 

For the past fifteen years, krosfyah has been touring the world inducing fans across three continents into a soca frenzy!  Yet despite the group’s sophomore CD’s (Ultimate Party – Pump Me Up) sales (totaling over 300,000 units to date without the assistance of a major label), the guys remain humble.  As Edwin Yearwood, principal songwriter for krosfyah indicates, “We are just a bunch of island guys who love to play music.”  And play music is exactly what they do. Whether entertaining 20 or 20,000, krosfyah always delivers an energized performance!

The evolution of krosfyah from playing covers for tourists on Barbados hotel circuit to touring the world and performing their original music for dignitaries like Nelson Mandela occurred over a span of seven years. While few critics ever doubted the potential of krosfyah most never imagined this level of success in such a short space of time.

In 1994, krosfyah released their debut album, “Ultimate Party”, which propelled the group from obscurity to the most popular soca band on the island of Barbados and won them the coveted ”Band of the Year” title.

In 1995, the group released “Ultimate Party-Pump Me Up”.  Not only did this album produce the hit song, “Pump Me Up”, which became the national anthem for the youth of Barbados but it travelled across the seas to Canada where it achieved the coveted Gold status in January of 1997.  As you read, it continues to receive excellent sales and reviews throughout the Caribbean, South America, the USA and Europe, while still finding its way into new global markets.  The album bestowed unprecedented honors upon its lead vocalist Edwin Yearwood: “Party Monarch”, “Road Monarch Champion” and “Calypso King” in 1995.  The triple-crown win by one artiste would mark the first and only time to date, in the history of Barbados’ Annual Crop Over Festival, that such a feat has ever been accomplished.

In 1996, the success of krosfyah’s third album, “Aim High”, led to more awards.  The album also produced the hit song, “Wet Me”, which dominated the music chart in the neighboring island of Trinidad and Tobago.

1997 brought forth a six track cd, entitled “Fyah Riddims”, 3 tunes from that Album had a good run, those being “Road Block”, “Highway Robbery” & “Redemption of Me”. Christmas of that year was a 6 track album entitled “Fyahside Christmas”, with favourites such as “My Sweet Lord”, “No Christmas Without You”, “Jah Son”, “End of the Rope” and “Celebration”.

During 1998, krosfyah surfaced from the studio with a new album, “Hot Zone” and a new co-lead vocalist, Ray Armstrong.  “Hot Zone”, like all of its predecessors, produced hit songs such as “Oil Pumping”, “Calor” & “Appetite” which enabled the band to tour across the United States and Europe performing at music showcases and festivals.

1999 As if not to be stopped, krosfyah released yet another album “krosfyah.com” in 1999 with hits like “Agony” (which saw Edwin Yearwood crowned 1999 Party Monarch for the third time), “Ragga Beenie”, “Forkin”, “Be-sa-me” and “Sexy Body”, to name a few.

The year 2000 turned out to be no different.  Krosfyah marked their return to their homeland’s cultural festival – Crop Over -with another remarkable feat.  Lead singer with the band, Mr. Edwin Yearwood, won his fourth Party Monarch title with the track ‘Fiah Fiah’ which is featured on his debut solo album “Influenced: The Good and Badd In Me”.  This album was released alongside krosfyah’s own “The Best of krosfyah vol. 1”. This compilation of hits from the past and including two new tracks, continues to demonstrate krosfyah’s musical ingenuity.

2001  The return to Crop Over for krosfyah has indeed proven to be one of their best decisions ever.  Following the trend of the past years, krosfyah released yet another pulsating, award winning album. “Kool Under Fire”, the name of the album, is a fitting title for this ever-dynamic band.  The success of this album includes the Barbados 2001 Road March tune, ‘Sak Pasé’, which was sung by Edwin and the effervescent Khiomal Nurse, who also joined the band that same year. “Emancipation” (another skilfully penned and appropriately titled masterpiece which reflects on our freedom, and some spanish flavour in “Plenty Amor”. These songs will certainly add to the continuation of the group’s success.

2002 One would agree that in everything there will be good and there will be bad.  However, the success comes when you realize amidst it all you can have the situation “Lock Down”.  krosfyah’s 2002 album is certainly a testimony of will power to rise to the top.  The album features the Barbados Tune of the Crop third place song “Road Jam”, along with fast pace hits, the likes of “Fire Man” and “Ride It” and cool titles “Satisfaction” and “Ling Tong”. Lead guitarist Anthony Bailey, debuted his solo album entitled “Unheard Message” that same year, a 20 track cd that must be heard.

2003 Krosfyah’s versatility continues to be evident even in their album titles.  “Enchanted”, simple but thought-provoking is the title of the 2003 album. The flava is cool, refreshing and totally krosfyah (still down-to-earth and for their fans and supporters).  One song “Family” was specifically written for their faithful supporters, especially those who frequent the message board on krosfyah’s website. Other songs include “French Kiss” featuring a French flavoured melody and a ragga-soca number called “Sorry”. 

2004 “Zero Tolerance”, that’s the 2004 album title, which clearly speaks out against, music piracy, drugs and violence. This was definitely the stance which the band and Mr Edwin Yearwood took all the way to the Party Monarch Finals, of which Edwin won for the 5th time, with a song entitled “Invasion”, one of the many popular tunes off the album. With other hits such as “Strong Back and “Pressure” by Khiomal, Keep Rolling It and the sweet melody of “Sugarcane”, which placed 2nd in the People’s Monarch Final. This album is yet another classic example of pure musicianship. 

For their 15th Anniversary, December 31st, 2004, the band brought out yet another classic masterpiece, “The Best of Krosfyah Vol. 2”, and to add the icing to the cake, Lead Vocalist and Songwriter of the band, Mr Edwin Yearwood, recently signed a 6 Album deal with VP Records - Waistline Music Division, being the first Soca act to be signed to this label. With the increased presence of Soca in the International marketplace and the genre to be entered into the Grammy Awards, the best is yet to come from this music maestro and his band.

2005 brought forth yet another Musical Masterpiece entitled “Timeless”. As the hands of time roll by, the music just gets better with age, with a solid mix of guest artistes such as Bunji Garlin on the All aboard Remix, Friendz featuring Lil Rick and the 1980’s Remake of Rock in Ethiopia featuring Adonijah, this album is sure to fill your musical pallate for many years to come, signature tunes “Head Gone”, “Yardie Graduate” and “Sweetest Thing” nominated for Best Ragga Soca of the Year 2005 and one of the most requested for the season, and WON, are just a few of the “Timeless” memoirs on this album.  

2006 There’s nothing like “Sweet Sixteen”, and that’s where krosfyah’s at for 2006, as they celebrate their 16th Anniversary in grand style, with a 14 track album entitled “Ever Blazing”, and winning “Band of the Year” at the Barbados Music Awards with Mega Hits – “Welcome to the Band”, “We Ready to Go”, the ladies tune – “Agua”, “No Wall Flowers”, “Hot Spot”, “Sinking Sand”, “She’s Got to have It” and “Nothing Sweeter”, which are just a sample of the fyah that will melt your ears, as they once again ignite your soul with a EverBlazing Fyah. You’ve just got to have this Album, because there’s nothing Sweeter.

2007 A year sure does go by fast, blazing on the heels of a very successful 2006 Album, Barbados’ #1 Band is all “Fire Proofed” for 2007, winning “Band of the Year” & Edwin – “Male Entertainer of the Year”. Soca Soul tunes, such as “It Feels like”, “All my Life”, “It’s taking Over”, “Got this Feeling”, “Higher” and “Jah is your Light” are just a few to be added to the Halls of Soca. Fiery hits tell the tales of “Bashment Bacchanal”, saying Gimme some More, cause I’ve “Got this Feeling” and that’s “Where I Wanna Be”. It’s Soca or Die for this band celebrating 18 years December 31, 2007.

2008 “The Journey” continues as this Extraordinary band nips closer to its 20th Anniversary. Similarly to 1995 when 3 crowns were won, 2008 proved to be no different, with Khiomal winning Party Monarch with Unleash the Beast and that he did, whilst Edwin captured The Road March Tune with “Handle ya Bizniz” & The People’s Monarch with “Nah Missin Me”, which has a signature krosfyah sound of a Pump me Up and was a huge favourite at home and abroad. The Band won “Band of the Year” & Khiomal – “Male Entertainer of the Year”. Speak about a well rounded Album, you will listen to each tune from beginning to end and ask where’s the rest? You may be caught “In a Jam” with a “Good Gal”,Like So” and “We Chippin”Till Morning” with “My Best Friend”, so “Start de Madness” and “Handle ya Bizniz”, cause “That’s My Carnival” and it “Nah Missin Me”. Cheenatonah everyone!    

2009 “Kings of the Groove” certainly is a fitting title, with another host of Tunes that will go down in history. Edwin took the Road March & People’s Monarch titles once again with the uptempo hit tune “In de Middle ah de Road”, and the Band won “Band of the Year”, “Band of the Decade”, whilst Edwin took “Male Entertainer of the Year” & “Best Uptempo Soca Single - Male” at the 5th Annual Barbados Music Awards 2010. TheCarnival on my Mind”, “Whole night Long”, “Trouble”, “She’s Going down”, among others, allows you to understand why they are called “Kings of the Groove”.

 2010 “The Experience” says it all, after 20 years in the business, which can be considered a significant milestone for a Band, who has emulated and continues to represent the genre that is “Soca”. krosfyah have been through many experiences, which is reflected in their 13 track offering featuring mega tunes such as “We Ain’t had enough, No Cheating, Neighbour, Sugah, Wine on You, Come up to me, and Chrissening” just to mention a few.

“20th Anniversary Special Edition” – Best of krosfyah Vol. 3” – Edwin Yearwood & krosfyah offers you a 3 Box CD set with over 50 of their greatest hits, to celebrate this auspicious occasion. A hint of “Calor, All aboard, Yardie, Dushi, Something Greater,  Doing dis Again, Oba, Ultimate Party, Voice in my head, Sorry, Sweetest Thing, Forking, French Kiss, Cell Block 3, Strong Back, Jocking ya waist, the lifelong anthem Pump Me Up amongst numerous others. A definite must have. A Special Edition - Collector’s item.

2011 “One on One” – “Back Again” to have a “Good Time” because “Dis Vibe” will “Never” die. These and many more such as the 2011 Road March “Cova de Road” can be found on yet another great Volume of hits from the krosfyah crew. 

While it is true, that krosfyah are “just a bunch of islanders who love to play music”, krosfyah’s players (Edwin Yearwood, Anthony Bailey, Khiomal Nurse, Corey Jordan, Antonio Rudder, Neil Burnett, and Mario Burnett) each add, a unique ingredient to their Magical Music.

2012 “It’s About Time” – Solo Album by Lead Vocalist & VP Recording Artist - Edwin Yearwood  with Megahits - Pushing It, Don’t Trust Me, Sweetalicious, Hit ah Nerve, Mmmm and Work that Thing to name a few.

2013 “Not that Innocent” – Solo Album by Lead Vocalist & VP Recording Artist – Edwin Yearwood with Hit Tunes – Last Man Standing, Right up in It, Not That Innocent feat Rayvon, Going Crazyyy and more.

The team players of krosfyah are as follows:

  • Edwin Yearwood Lead Vocalist
  • Anthony Bailey Guitarist
  • Khiomal Nurse Vocalist
  • Felix Forde Bass Guitarist
  • Sherwin King Drummer
  • Micah Humphrey Keyboardist
  • Trevaughn Cyrus Keyboardist
  • Ronald Taylor Sound Engineer
  • Aynsley Greaves Monitor Engineer
  • Ingrid Holder Tour/ P.R Manager
  • Paul Reynolds Stage Technician
  • Michael Agard Manager