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Micole Aubertin-Murray


Micole returns home to dance live on May 1st as part of the Cultural Icons Series of the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2016.

Micole Aubertin-Murray considers her childhood in Saint Lucia a dream as she danced her way into adulthood with Les Enfants Dance Company. As an adolescent, her experience with Les Enfants afforded her the opportunity to travel throughout the Caribbean exposing her to the commonalities of West Indian culture. Virginia Alexander, leader of Les Enfants Dance Company together with the array of musicians, dancers, painters who came along on those trips, helped Micole to nurture a passion for the arts.

Micole’s role in Les Enfants Dance Company began as a dancer then shifted to choreographer, next artistic director and finally producer. While staging the company’s productions ‘Movements’ and ‘Wizard of Oz’, she realized her natural ability to bring people together to make art happen.

From 1995 to 2000, Micole worked for the Saint Lucia Department of Culture as its youngest officer. During this time, she helped produce many events throughout the island.

A Hunter College graduate, 2004, Cum Laude, Micole is now based in New York City where she produces for NYFEST - an annual film/soccer festival - for Braveman Media as their New York representative and works closely with her husband, Malcolm C Murray, producing films and photography.