Located at the northern end of Soufriere, Orlando’s is in a beautiful courtyard garden setting where they service ‘Ti Manje’ which means small plate of food in the local Kwéyòl language. 

Chef Orlando’s mission is simple:  to make Caribbean cuisine as influential and flavourful as other internationally know cuisines by using only the freshest local fish, meat and produce to create his masterpieces. 

There is also a small, but very carefully chosen wine list that pairs well with the cuisine and enhances the dining experience. 

The Orlando’s culinary experience in 2015, will be featured at the Gourmet Restaurant at the Pigeon Island National Landmark for the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival.  This should not be missed!


 Amous Bouche

Island Gazpacho

A Chilled Vegetable and Fruit Soup


Fond Ste. Jacques Pumpkin Soup

A pumpkin and coconut papaya soup
XCD $18.00/US $6.00

Vieux Fort Seared Yellow Fin Tuna

Served on a watermelon and organic leaf salad
XCD $20.00 / US $7.00

Forestiere Jerk Chicken Liver Brulee

With an Island Fruit Chutney and Herbed Creole Bread
XCD $20.00 / US $7.00


Admiral Rodney Cocoa Fish

Fillet fish of island fish, marinated in local herbs and spices,
pan seared then served on callaloo rice with a curried oil
and a rum food salsa.

XCD $50.00/US $19.00 

Castries Market Poulet

Home grown chicken marinated and

Served in broth of dasheen, yam and island vegetables.

XCD $50.00/US $19.00 

Roseau Vegetable Cake

Breadfruit, green banana and local vegetables combined with a light
curry seasoning formed into a cake, served with spiced tamarind jam
and a coconut curry sauce.

XCD $30.00 /US $11.00

Pais Bouche Cinnamon Spice Pork with a
Red Wine BBQ Sauce

XCD $50.00/US $19.00


The Chairman’s Soufriere Chocolate Mousse

XCD $15.00/US $5.00

Bouton Tamarind and Plantain Cheesecake

XCD $15.00/US $5.00 

The Rainforest Crumble

Caramelized fruits topped with local granola
and finished with vanilla ice cream

XCD $15.00/US $5.00
Notes:  Some foods may contain nuts, so please advise our wait staff of any allergies.


Featured Restaurant for Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2015

Culinary Experience Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2015 make your Reservation here…

Chef Orlando Satchell


Chef Orlando Satchell is a world renowned chef, he was an Executive chef at Ladera for 14 years. He was asked to set up the first Caribbean restaurant in Singapore and in several top hotels in London. The prestigious James Beard Foundation in New York invited him to demonstrate his cooking style at an event which makes him the first Caribbean chef to be invited. He has also demonstrated at Le Cordon Bleu in London. 

Orlando left Ladera in 2012 and opened his own restaurant in Soufriere in December of that year. He gained a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor after only one year and has held the number one restaurant in Soufriere spot since within a few short weeks of opening.

Whilst at Ladera following his ethos of  ‘ buy local ‘ he liaised with local producers to ensure the best possible quality of ingredients.  Since opening his restaurant he has extended this principle to local meat and fish producers as well to try to involve the community as a whole towards the production of wholesome food.

Orlando has always believed in encouraging young chefs and to this end has trained, encouraged and mentored many young people. He has rarely refused a request from a school to speak at Careers Day or judge a cooking competition.