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Timbalive Constitute within the music scene POPULARITY a unique phenomenon. This success achieved in only 6 years of existence are not at all foruitos but the deserved result is reached by dint of perseverance intensive work and look what the music scene is called “Own Sound”. The sound of Timbalive is inimitable blend of Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Popular Cuban music, lyrics and arrangements designed for the dancer. Timbalive is the perfect blend of melody and sagacity, of novelty and tradition, of momentum and strength. The montuno songs, raids to modernize rhythms and performance quality of its members, undoubtedly mark a momentous moment in the musical universe timbero of the last decades.Applauded by crowds acclaimed and demanded by the international salsa scene, and recognized by the demanding circuit and knowledgeable. Without losing Timbalive humiladad has conquered on international tours to the European public, South American, North American and Asian, conviertiendo in real ambassadors of Popular Cuban music. Proof of this is the title of “Disco Revelation of the Year” in Paris with his first production “From Miami to Havana” and the Cubadisco Award nomination with the album “La Timba pa ‘to the World” and its constant presence in the musical preference lists in over 25 countries. The Kings of Timba, as you call for already several years have found particularly successful and unique echo in the heart of the most demanding of juries, the Public with whom he shares his life and the scene each week.